03 June 2037 @ 05:03 pm
★ Ella's what 65% of the people in my life call me. I'm a fifteen year old teenager who's probably really silly and thinks too ambiguously. I may be a small, minuscule speck on this universe, but the universe is a part of all of us-- and that comforts me. To wonder is my hobby, along with drawing and scribbling. Inside, I'm a cluster of whimsical little thoughts, but I am also an avid fan girl and enthusiast who loves to squeal and flutter. ★

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03 June 2013 @ 04:48 pm
At this point in the year, all I truly want to do is enjoy this last month without boggling my mind with 'useless' worries. And honestly, at this point... everything that doesn't have to do with Tom Hiddleston or graduation is considered 'useless' to me.

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